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Ward 3 Dems Vote for City to Buy Wardman for Affordable Housing.

Ward 3 Housing Justice | Wardman Hotel Strategy Team


Contact: Gail Sonnemann, 202-286-0845,

By vote of support, the Ward 3 Democratic Committee (W3Dems), the official arm of the Democratic Party in Ward 3, Washington, DC, voted to urge the city to buy the former Wardman Park Hotel in Woodley Park to convert it into mixed income affordable housing to help meet the District's affordable housing crisis. The resolution, in support of a proposal by Ward 3 Housing Justice, an unrelated group, was sponsored by Nancy MacWood of Cleveland Park and Anne Cauman of Tenleytown and co-sponsored by 19 other W3Dems members from across the ward.

The resolution points out that “the model of producing market-rate housing with inclusionary zoning set asides has not resulted in a significant number of units of affordable housing and very little of this housing has included deeply affordable housing or family-sized units … [and IZ] … must therefore be supplemented by additional approaches to achieve the current goal for affordable housing west of Rock Creek Park", such as converting the Wardman.

Backed-up by conceptual drawings by a prominent local architect, Ward 3 Housing Justice and the allied group Wardman Hotel Strategy Team want the city to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a thriving economically diverse community supported by services, job opportunities and training, open green space and potential for amenities not currently available in Woodley Park.

The opportunity has been recognized by local media: by Sam Ford, ABC7, May 24, 2021, by Megan Rivers, WUSA9, June 9, 2021, and by Jonetta Rose Barras, DC Line, June 4, 2021. The concept has support in the DC Council. Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie (Ward 5) has urged that $140 million be put in the city's budget by Mayor Bowser for the purchase.

DC residents may urge Council to support city acquisition of the Wardman Hotel for 100% affordable mixed income housing by signing the Ward 3 Housing Justice petition. In accord with recent Comprehensive Plan amendments this proposal directly addresses housing for families across the range of 0-80% Median Family Income (MFI what is MFI?), including many 3 and 4 bedroom family sized units.

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