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Buy the Wardman: Demonstration July 20 for Wardman Hotel Bankruptcy Auction

Ward 3 Housing Justice | Wardman Hotel Strategy Team


Contact: Gail Sonnemann, 202-286-0845,

Advocates for housing in Ward 3 will demonstrate at the bankruptcy auction for the Wardman Hotel on Tuesday, July 20, to urge Mayor Bowser, Chairman Phil Mendelson and the City Council to help solve the city's housing crisis by buying the property for conversion to a mixed income community for families living at a range of incomes, from low incomes up to more than $100,000/year. This would allow Social Security and VA pension recipients to remain in the city, as well as offer Ward 3 housing for workers in the hospitality, retail, commercial sectors and for starting teachers, firefighters and police officers.

What: Demonstration to Urge Mayor to Buy Wardman

Who: Ward 3 Housing Justice, Wardman Hotel Strategy Team, citywide partners

When: 9:30 am Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Where: Wardman Hotel Green, 2660 Woodley Road, NW

"We fully support Mayor Bowser's goal of creating 1.990 new units of affordable housing in Rock Creek West, which is largely Ward 3, by 2025," said Margaret Dwyer, a convener of Ward 3 Housing Justice. “By converting the Wardman Hotel to housing, Ward 3 can be the home to significant affordable housing opportunities in a new mixed income community.”

The problem is that incremental measures, like adding affordable housing when zoning is changed (‘inclusionary zoning,’ IZ), will never get us there. We need the Mayor to take bold action and acquire sites like the Wardman, where we could create up to 500 units as well as community amenities and commercial opportunities.

We hope the city will be there to bid and not let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip through their hands. We will be here to talk with whatever private entity is successful. Housing, especially affordable housing, is needed in Ward 3 and we are ready to build partnerships to reach our mutual goals. We still think there is a role for the city to play, and we are willing to work with the buyer, the city and community to make this happen.

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