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More Affordable Housing.
Here. Now.

As residents of Ward 3 committed to housing and racial justice, we believe that:

People from all walks of life and all income levels should be able to live in Ward 3 if they choose to. That includes people who work here -- construction workers, barbers, teaching assistants, home health aides, bus drivers, lab technicians -- and those who live on fixed incomes.

Substantial public investment and strategic policy change are required to produce abundant affordable housing; profit-driven development alone is not enough. 

New models of affordable housing can be well-planned and well-designed to achieve racial equity, create vibrant community life, and enhance neighborhood character.

Together we can think big and take bold action to create affordable homes where people can grow and thrive.

We take advantage of redevelopment opportunities for affordable housing, with a focus on deeply affordable housing, in Ward 3. Every opportunity must have full engagement with the community in a participatory and community-led process to plan for development or redevelopment.


These opportunities include:

  • The Wardman Hotel (formerly Marriott) in Woodley Park. 

  • Sites in Friendship Heights, such as the redevelopment at 5333 Wisconsin Avenue (Maggiano's), Lord & Taylor, and WMATA bus garage sites.

  • The Wisconsin Avenue Development Framework and Connecticut Avenue Development Guidelines 

The segregation that exists in RCW is not accidental. It was deliberately created by policy choices and can be dismantled only by equally powerful policy choices and targeted funding.


 This is our work.  

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