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Council Member Frumin, Neighbors Walk Lord & Taylor and WMATA Bus Garage Sites

Ward 3 Housing Justice

Release: May 19th, 2023

Contact: Gail Sonnemann,, 202-286-0845

Council Member Matthew Frumin joined Ward 3 Housing Justice (W3HJ) and Friendship Heights (FH) neighbors in a May 17 tour of two of the most significant sites in FH – the Lord & Taylor site WMATA plans to acquire for a new Western Bus Garage, and the current bus garage site. W3HJ recommended a 2 SITES/1 PLAN collaborative approach to ensure that the redevelopment of both sites are great additions to the neighborhood.

Council Member Frumin offered, “I was delighted to meet with neighbors to discuss their hopes for the future of the Lord & Taylor and bus garage sites. I am committed to thoughtful collaboration with community members, ANC 3E, WMATA, and other stakeholders throughout the entire process.”


The Friendship Heights WMATA/Lord and Taylor Site Neighbors Alliance (the Alliance) presented their needs as requirements for WMATA’s garage redevelopment that:

  • Services an all-electric vehicle fleet

  • Is a zero emission facility

  • Is fully enclosed with an attractive exterior

  • Limits bus entry/exit to Jennifer St., not near 45th St. or Harrison St.

  • Does not incorporate a new bus loop/station but leaves the current one where it is on the Montgomery Co. side of Western Avenue.

“For the neighbors on 45th St and Harrison St, it is critical that the proposed development does not cause undue visual, noise, environmental or traffic disturbance during construction or following completion of the proposed project,” noted Omid Mohebbi, who lives across the street from the proposed new site for the bus garage, and who has been active in crystallizing neighbors’ priorities. “The peaceful enjoyment of our neighborhood, together with the health and safety of residents is of paramount importance, particularly as relates to the entry and exit of buses which must be confined to Jennifer Street.”

Margaret Dwyer, W3HJ convenor and FH resident who led the tour stated: “It is clear that one visionary plan for both sites, 2 SITES/1 PLAN, is achievable. With early, broadly collaborative planning these two sites, perhaps along with other parcels in the area, can become a beautiful, environmentally respectful complex that meets WMATA’s needs, provides much needed housing, including generous amounts of affordable housing, respects the neighbors’ priorities and injects life and vibrancy into the neighborhood.”


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