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Alley Crawl

What: Join neighbors at the Alley Crawl

When: Sunday February 5 at 2:00.

Where: Meet on the 45th Street entrance to the alley between Lord and Taylor and our neighborhood’s homes


  • WMATA intends to build a replacement bus garage on the Lord & Taylor site and then turn over its current site to a private developer.

  • Let’s come together as neighbors: How we want to respond and what we want to see built.

See you Sunday at 2:00 for an Alley Crawl and conversation!

What’s the latest on the Bus Garage?

If you missed the WMATA community meeting this week, WMATA has this message:

For more information about the project, sign-up to be added to our mailing list to receive project news, including invitations to community meetings, delivered straight to your inbox and to access tonight’s meeting slides, visit

The meeting recording will also be available here.

If you went to the WMATA community meeting this week, WMATA asks:

We'd appreciate your feedback on tonight's meeting and kindly ask that you fill out a 2-4 minute evaluation form:

(And if you want to wait until after we have all had a chance to talk on Sunday and then send in many aligned responses, that could make our feedback more powerful.)


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